TWEETZ!: ☠☢⚠☣ [warning: NSFW?] ☣⚠☢☠
tf-idf annalysis of live twitter firehose sample

☠☢⚠☣ warning: tweetz may not be suitable for work ☣⚠☢☠
click on the cyan ■ & magenta ■ regular tetragonz ■ for each tweet
pause button will ignore new data coming in & not update chart

text on bar:
  • word with top tf-idf value between tweetz
  • top tf-idf word value between tweetz
  • dot product of tweetz' tfidf vectorz

  • "top unique":
    tweet with highest sum of tfidf dot productz with corpus of last 10,000 tweetz
    coupled with tweet with highest tfidf dot product with first tweet
    "unique": no repeated tweetz or wordz

    *last N: top unique from the last N compared to entire corpus of last 10,000 tweetz

    ** this app only collects tweetz when page is active in the browser
    *** last 10,000 tweetz are only while it is running
    **** currently focusing on tweetz labeled english language
    [work in progress: how to surface "random & compelling" tfidf examplez]